Shruthi Swara Laya, USA, is a fine arts institution dedicated to Performing Arts in Indian Music and Dance. It was founded and established by Anuradha Suresh in April 1998. In the short period since its inception, Shruthi Swara Laya has won the support and strength from local communities in the Bay Area.

Mission Statement

Shruthi Swara Laya intends to be a professional and academic venture. Student will learn carnatic music, attend workshops, and perform at various levels at the school and other venues in Bay Area.

Anuradha Suresh
Manasa Suresh
Anu Suresh
Manasa Suresh
Arun Mahadevan
Dr. Subrahmanya Sastry Vedam (Veena)
For more information please contact: ANURADHA SURESH at 510-552-5824
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